Our speciality is to combine the best of Hardware, Software and professional services to design efficient production systems: agile, economical and ecological.

Professionals from all over the world can now benefit from the maximum efficiency and convenience when it comes to outsourcing, simply by contacting us. We can apply and integrate an exhaustive range of key capabilities, innovative technologies and tailor made services in many different countries and areas.


Our four categories of services complement each other like a complete and organized neurological nervous system. They provide the most comprehensive range of useful services and tools to make your business grow and drastically reduce the costs required to design and execute your internationalization plan:

– NEURON Consulting: technical and tactical advising to improve your competitiveness in key areas: marketing, logistics, administration, CRM.

– SYNAPSE Connecting: network building and channel management focused on helping business’ implantation in Europe, Africa and America.

– IMPULSE Tooling: supply and implementation service of hardware and software, targeted to update your business at the best price.

– DYNAMICS Harnessing: integral and customized service for businessmen looking for convenience and savings. If you don’t have any internationalization plan, you may need this combination of services.

How we work?

1) Diagnostic: Let us analyze your situation, your skills and your objectives. We are able to identify, evaluate and deal the most efficient tools and services of the global market, according to your needs.

2) Design to Cost: We make sure to invest in a set of useful and complementary tools for your company to agilize all the process and control the cost of your internationalization project.

3) Implementation: We buy technology at the best price, install new materials and train your workers to make good use of it.

4) Management: Obtain the maximum from your investment and benefit from an effective after-sales service.

5) Evolution: We constantly research, develop and aggregate technologies that will make a sustainable difference between past and future. (Hardware, Software and Processes)


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