All in one set of services and technology

DYNAMICS Harnessing comes from the concept of dynamic systems computer-aided methodology, used to analyze and solve specific problems by simulation models and help business, environmental and social decision-making.

It is a tailor made consulting service, offered as an integral solution to support scientific and/or commercial projects on intercontinental scale.

AtlanticSynapse acts as your personal agent: understanding your needs and producing, outsourcing, and coordinating a set of complementary, highly specialized services. From consulting to networking and even tooling your business.

DYNAMICS Harnessing service includes a customized combination of:

– NEURON Consulting

– SYNAPSE Connecting


The result for your organization is time and costs savings, and crossover synergies between highly specialized areas such as International Cooperation, Research and Development, e-Business, e-Learning, renewable energies or waste management.

DYNAMICS Harnessing enables a massive operational force to see positive results on the short and the long term.

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