Your Logistic Hub in Gran Canaria

Nowadays, e-Commerce and Trading are two sides of the same coin and share the same goal: make your products available to a worldwide audience. To achieve this your organisation needs an effective combination of professional Software and logistics services, so your clients just need a few clicks to order a product and to be delivered within a few days, wherever they are.

Our genuine Trading Systems have the particularity to implement the most advanced management tools for your front and back office, combined with a full range of logistics and customs facilities offered from the The Free Trade Zone of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The Free Trade Zone and the harbor offers a strategic business platform between Europe, Africa and America: the ideal location to boost your internationalisation project.

Let us build your transatlantic hub in order to expand your business overseas.We actually work on developing sales and supply chains between 3 Continents. We can help to sell and dispatch your merchandise over 16 countries: Spain, France, UK, USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, Venezuela, Brazil, Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal, Cape Verde, Guinea…

Make it your advantage, we can outsource and integrate a wide range of complementary services to design tailor made trading solutions with:

– Business intelligence: market studies, news and reports
– Sales Services: marketing, sales and after-sales
– Customs and Tax Management
– Intercontinental Supply Chain Development and Management
– Efficiency and Recycling solutions
– Transport logistics: Air Freight, Shipping, Picking
– Wharehouse logistics: Stock and Insurance

Why Gran Canaria?

It may be because of the best climate of the world and healthy lifestyle offered by the Island, yes. Gran Canaria also offers business opportunities and advantageous economic and fiscal incentives to the investment.

The island forms part, as a province of Spain, of the European Union and the Euro Zone. Its condition of being an ultra-peripheral territory gives it a differential treatment by the EU: helps and subventions, investments in infrastructures with communitarian funds and a specific fiscal legislation that incorporates an important block with measures of investment promotion. All this means an improvement of the competitive position of the companies in the Canaries.

Take a productive break: come & visit us to see all the possibilities.


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