Trade with Europe

Europe is the world’s largest exporter of manufactured goods and services, and is itself the biggest export market for over one hundred countries. Under the current economic conditions in Europe (2009-2011), such as slow growth, government spending cuts, etc., this may not look like the best time to set up a business in Europe. But on the other hand, it is a time for innovative business opportunities and great facilities for investors and job creators. Europe is also notorious for its slow growth even during good economic times, so this might be as good a time as any to establish your business and/or reach new markets on the old continent. European administrative barriers and obstacles are well known, with strong protective policies for its domestic market, but we may have the keys to many doors…

As an Ultra-Peripheral Region (UPR) of Spain, the Canaries are also part of the European Union, with a strategic location and some interesting exceptions in the fiscal and economic area:


Logistical advantages

The strategic location of Gran Canaria and the logistical importance of the harbour and the international airport, make the island a perfect place for triangular operations between Europe, Africa and America, and South – South. Our infrastructures and logistics services in the Free Zone of the Port of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria are a golden opportunity to penetrate the European market in the best conditions. 


Tax and customs

The free zones are exempted from the application of the Community trade agreements and customs policy, the entry of goods from a third country happens without having to pay import duties until the goods are dispatched to customers. Equally, indirect taxes, VAT and excise duties shall not apply. But the implications of this approach go beyond the non-application of tax burdens. The simplification of customs procedures facilitates the management and improves operational speed of response to international demand. Nor are applicable other trade policy measures such as restrictions, quotas or input quotas applied on the rest of the Community. Storing goods in a free zone pending the opening of the markets for your products allows immediate response to this possibility of import to EU territory.

In addition, the Free Trade Zone of Gran Canaria does not apply the Conditions of Economic Order appliable in the rest of European free zones, which prevents the supply of goods and components from third countries. Active transformation and processing are allowed without restrictions, unlike inside other european free zones. Not applying to this conditions, we have the best international supply conditions and offer a real gateway to the European market for all types of goods.

This is why we work with key EU agencies in Spain, France and the UK, and we advise potential investors, developers and operators looking forward to enter the European market and/or to establish an operational base in Gran Canaria. Let us combine a comprehensive set of logistics and technical services to build a tailor made Trading System for your company.